The Challenge

Complex organisations are looking to get more value from their workforce, customers and partners.

Involving more people in innovation, continuous improvement and change activities is crucial in finding new ideas and obtaining faster results.

Every business is stretched and needs to do more with less, more efficiently, and at a higher level of quality.

These tensions mean we must consider new ways of getting the most out of what we have and whether we're using all the resources at our disposal in the most effective ways.

Can we learn from social collaboration?

Many organisations are looking to understand how they can bring Social Networking tools into the enterprise, the value they could offer and how best to engage the workforce in corporate initiatives.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networking tools show a desire in some people to increase connectivity.

Can we learn from social understanding?

Recent publications and research demonstrate that our understanding of how change occurs, trends develop, and where value sits can be applied to help drive effective collaboration within the enterprise.

‘The Wisdom of Crowds’, ‘Tipping Point’ and ‘the Long Tail’ offer insights into how we may look to engage our workforce to aid our organisations.