Our Approach

People Focused

Focussed Eye

Effective collaboration is counter intuitive; normal principles and assumptions do not apply.

Effective collaboration works at its best when the 50 factors are applied correctly, some are obvious, others much less so. The factors can be taught and applied in different ways to provide different outcomes. Each has their own subtle considerations and requires understanding.

Training is not enough; we can teach these factors but also provide on-going coaching to support practitioners as they establish best practices for their own organisation.

World Class Processes

Process Arrows

We enable your employees with the correct processes; together, we can put in place a sustainable programme to help tap into the value that often sits dormant.

We can apply these processes to anywhere we need to, including outside of the organisation, leading to:

Enabling Technology

Digital Screens

Selecting the most appropriate enabling technology to support collaboration can be challenging. Most tools sit in the following categories:

Habar helps refine our clients’ business objectives and guides you towards the most appropriate tools for your needs

If you already have tools, we can help develop the complementary processes