Habar Consulting supports clients to establish effective collaboration programmes, where to start, what has value and what does not. Our guidance includes establishing, expanding and driving value.

We help define processes to support organisations wherever they need to be more effective, from:

  • Training, coaching and guiding practitioners on the 50 key factors
  • Getting more from established processes, driving material value and embedding world class techniques
  • Selecting the right technology for the right business challenges; taking the software we have now and improving the way it's applied, leading to better business outcomes

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Our Approach

Is People

Effective collaboration works at its best when the 50 factors are applied correctly, some are obvious, others much less so.

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Includes World Class

We enable your employees with the correct processes; together, we can put in place a sustainable programme to help tap into the value that often sits dormant.

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Offers Guidance on Enabling Technology

Habar helps refine our clients’ business objectives and guides you towards the most appropriate tools for your needs.

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